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We are on a mission to learn more about renewable energy and to find out more about how we can all save energy.


One thing we've learned already is to share information and to join with other organisations who are doing similar things.


You'll find some useful links below.

CPRE: The Countryside Charity

Previously known as The Campaign to Protect Rural England, the Countryside Charity believes in countryside and green spaces that are accessible to all, rich in nature and playing a crucial role in responding to the climate emergency. Click here to find out more.

Local Suppliers and Experts

Information and links will be added here soon...

Environmental News Updates

Information and links will be added here soon...

PECAN - Petersfield Climate Action Network

There are several local organisations and groups that provide inspiration and advice. PECAN aims to help Petersfield and surrounding villages to reduce carbon emissions and protect nature.

Future Energy Landscapes

Future Energy Landscapes project is a bottom-up approach to community engagement. The approach supports local planning authorities to develop ambitious planning policies for renewable deployment in their areas, while maintaining community support.

Energise South Downs Future Energy Landscapes pilot project commenced on 27th June 2023, with the aim of rolling this programme out across communities in the South Downs and surrounding areas.

Energise South Downs

Energise South Downs is a non-profit Co-operative, one of over 400 other Community Energy organisations in the UK.


Energise South Downs wants to reduce energy costs, build in future energy security and help reach net zero goals. It does this by finding suitable sites for renewable energy projects.

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