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We'd like your support

We are a group of volunteers and are very open to more people joining our quest to make our villages capable of running on renewables.


See below for ideas as to how you might be able to join us. 


Volunteers are always welcome to join us. The more local people we have involved, the more likely we are to succeed. 

If you can help with fund-raising, have technical expertise, perhaps can help with book-keeping and administration, have already learned a bit about renewable energy installation or simply want to lend a pair of hands, please contact us. 

Provide expertise or a service

Do you have some technical expertise in the field of renewable energy? Or perhaps you're builder or a roofer who can install solar panels and heat pumps. 

Maybe you're a local farmer or land owner who would be happy to allow ground source heat pumps, solar panels or wind turbines to be situated on your land to help generate power for the village. 

Please get in touch if you'd like to get involved.


Would you like to help by making a donation? We are volunteers and need funds for the work we are doing. 

Please make contact if you'd like to help us. 

Fund raise

Do you have experience of fund-raising, applying for grants, approaching donors...?

The Village Greening team is made up of volunteers, most of us with full-time jobs, so we'd love to have your help. 

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