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Froxfield & Privett Renewable Energy Group

A Not-For-Profit organisation set up by local residents with the aim of ensuring there is sufficient energy capacity available through net-zero sources to meet the energy consumption needs of Froxfield & Privett by 2050

Of local residents surveyed in Privett & Froxfield said they are considering installing solar or wind power. 


The average global temperature has increase by 1.2% since the industrial revolution.

Despite dire warnings in the 1980s and 1990s, we have emitted more CO2 since 1991 than in the rest of human history.


The richest 1% of the world’s population are responsible for more than twice as much carbon pollution as the people who make up the poorest half of humanity.


 The richest 10% of the world’s population are responsible for almost half of total lifestyle consumption emissions. The poorest 50% are responsible for around 7% of total lifestyle consumption emissions.


Village Greening is a not-for-profit organisation set up by local residents to do something locally about the climate crisis globally.

Established in 2023, our aim is to ensure that there is  sufficient energy capacity available through net-zero sources to meet all the energy consumption needs of Froxfield and Privett by the year 2050.


What we're doing

We are living in unprecedented times and there is no blueprint for what to do next. We are not climate or energy experts but we are trying to do something at local level which might just help at a global level.


We welcome advice from anybody who can help us to move along this learning curve.


Figuring it all out

We are working as volunteers to try to find out how best we can help to promote energy saving and the use of renewable energy.


We have conducted local surveys to try to establish how many households in our village are already using renewable energy, how many want to find out more and how much energy our villages actually use.


One of our aims is to provide information and advice to local residents as to how to save energy and generate renewable power domestically.

This website is intended to be the main hub for such information and over time we will provide tips, advice, resources, information, case studies...


As we gather information ourselves, we will share resources and advice on this website, through newsletters and local events. 

Our team of local volunteers are gathering information and working with other similar organisations to help to collate useful information to help others to filter out common myths and jargon.


Renewable energy in action
Case Studies from our community and beyond

Brenda and Dick King installed their first solar panels in 2010; the first in the parish and probably the first in the county. They have 13 thermal solar panel & battery chargers for electric cars.

Wheelers Farm, Froxfield

Thanks to one fateful pizza night, 100 huge boreholes and heroic navigation of the planning system, this village has trail-blazed its own zero-carbon heat network and switch en masse to renewable energy.

Cambridgeshire village switches to renewable energy

Farming is one of few industries that has the capacity to be carbon neutral, to bring about a net gain in biodiversity, and to improve human health. Rushmere Farm is carbon negative.

Rushmere Farm, Hambledon

Westmill energy farm

Westmill energy farm, near Swindon, is the first wind and solar park to be cooperativley owned by its members, and the solar panels will generate 4.8 GWh per year of clean electricity, enough to power 1,400 homes

Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to join our group, to donate or simply to find out more.

Please get in touch

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